• Some of our ladies request more money on some of the shows. Our office is happy to discuss with you if you choose either of these ladies
  • Prices subject to change for last minute bookings

Lingerie/Bikini Waitress

From $95 per hour for 2 Hours

From $85 per hour for 4+ Hours

Please note Clothed/Lingerie/ Bikini waitresses or Poker Dealers may be charged at weekend rate for a Friday/ Saturday night


Poker Dealer in sexy outfit - From $95 per hour
Lingerie/Bikini Poker Dealer - From $110 per hour
Topless Poker Dealer - From $140 per hour
Nude Dealer - From $230 per hour

Minimum 2 hour booking

Poker Table and Chips Hire - $100 flat rate (for the duration of time the deal is booked)

Topless Waitress

Topless Waitress from $140 per hour - Minimum 2 Hours 

Please note some ladies are from $140 per  hour (2 hour minimum) please contact office to find out who

Ask about our discount if you book 5 hrs or more 

A deposit plus gst is required on all bookings. The remainder is paid in cash excl. gst to the lady on the day.

Nude Waitress

From $250 per hour (2 hour minimum)

Teaser Package

From $550 (3 hours)

1 Waitress for 3 hours, 1 hour lingerie/bikini, 1 hour Topless and 1 hour nude.

Special Waitress Package

From $650 (2 hours)

2 Topless waitresses for 2 hours and a 3 song lapdance for the buck only performed by one of the waitresses. For the Buck's eyes only.

G – String Show

From $250 (10-15 minute show)

Suitable for mixed crowds, 18th and 21st birthdays. A quick, but fun show - the girl removes all her clothing except for her G-string.

Straight Strip

From $260 (10 - 15 minute show)

Everything comes off in this show.

Straight Open Leg Show

From $280 (20 minute show)

You'll see everything in this erotic open leg show, and we mean everything!

Bubble Bath, Oil, or Strawberries and Cream Show

From $290 (20 minute show)

A fun enticing open leg show which includes some fun activities for the birthday boy or buck.

Masturbation Show

From $300 (20 minute show)

An open leg show with natural acts of masturbation throughout the show.

Pearl Show

From $320 (20 minute show)

Includes up to 2 meter of pearls which are discreetly tucked away somewhere private and then removed by the Buck or Birthday Boy.

Vibrator Show

From $370 (30 minutes)

A few different vibrators are used along with a string of pearls and lolly pops plus some other wonderful props. (Some girls even use vibrators that light up and glow in the dark! ). Each girl adds a little extra something to their show.

Vibrator Show with the Lot

From $390 (30 minutes)

From $450 (45 minute show)

Vibrators, Pearls, Lollypops, Creams, Oils, Natural masturbation acts. much more open leg work ( as in less dance and straight into the action) and topped off with strawberries and cream! The girl adds a little whipped cream to somewhere special on her body, dips the strawberry into the cream and offers the strawberries to those who like a bit of sweetness in their day!

Fruit and Vege

From $400 (30 minute show)

From $450 (45 minute show)

Includes the use of vibrators, toys, props and fruit and vegies.

Deluxe Vibrator Show

From $400 (30 minute show)

The deluxe vibrator show involves extreme muscle control which will shock you out of your socks! Contact the office to find out who performs this show.

Fist Show

From $500 (30 minutes)

Performed by either Nadia, Jade, Kiah or Scarlette Wild Ink.

Watch their Fist disappear! The Show also involves the use of vibrators and other specialty toys. Bucks Parties love this show.

Greek Show

From $500 (30 minute show)

Performed by either Nadia, Jade, Brandi Banks, Kiah or Scarlette Wild Ink.

'No description needed for this show! Let your imagination run wild!

Dominatrix Show

From $420 (30 minutes)

This show is a definite one to pick if you want to see the buck being punished! Show girl will be dressed as a full Dominatrix Mistress with Whips, Gimp Mask, Gag ball, Leashes, restraints, strap on and much more! Sit back and watch the submissive buck obey to everyone of the Mistress’s commands. This includes a full Deluxe Vibrator Show with lots of fun included! This show is a guaranteed entertaining show, that will leave the crowd completely satisfied.

The JET Special Show

From $550 (30 minutes)

Performed by JET, Crissy and Nadia.

The show entails the use of 6 metres of pearls. With the use of extreme muscle control, she'll shoot out her toys and catch them herself. Then she'll shoot out 2 toys for the boys to catch. Then with 2 toys in front and one in back, she can shoot one out the back while keeping the front 2 still in place. She also has a toy that has lights in it. Switch off the lights and you'll have a toy light show! Show entails five different toys and a strap on! All of this plus a full dance routine!

Brandi’s Bonanza


Performed by Brandi Banks.

Include creams, fire, 10m long pearls, 4 lollipops at once, vibe shooting, 4 different vibes, carrot, Lebanese cucumber, banana, simulated squirt, deep throat tricks, double penetration, back door action Greek style, and loads of buck participation.

The Raine, Ale and Dine Show

From $650 (30 minutes)

From $700 (45 minutes)

Performed by either Jet, Nadia.

The beer trick show is the most entertaining show around and it is sure to knock your socks off when you see it. The show entails the use of 6 meters of pearls and extreme use of muscle control. Show girl will use many vibrators and watch her shoot the toys across the room for you boys to catch. Watch her walk around the room holding her toy with the use of extreme muscle control, no hands! There are many different surprises that Jet will perform throughout the show, what will they be? For the finale watch Jet go upside down and drink a beer from… use your imagination ;) then stand up and walk around the room to finally deliver the beverage to the buck. This mind blowing act will leave the buck with the whole new perspective on “pure blonde” beer.


Crissy's Super Soaker Show

30min From $700

45min From $800

Crissy is a natural born performer oozing in charisma and seductive charm 

She brings you a highly entertaining and erotic show,  starting off with the buck being covered in creams, oils and wax, some fire play and copping his fair share of whips and paddles, then removal of her hidden lollipop

The show then progresses to a sensual display of eroticism that is guaranteed to leave your jaw hanging... Natural masturbation, glass toys, crystal butt plug play, double penetration, extreme deep throat skills, and the lights go out for a Star Wars-like display of light up vibes-watch them disappear!

And now it's time for the GRAND FINALE!! Let Crissy share with you her unique and exquisite talent of Natural Squirting.. Reaching distances of up to 3-5 metres! Crissy can perform this natural feat multiple times so get your raincoats ready in the crowd!

(100% genuine squirting and due to this fact Crissy can only perform 2 of these shows per night so book early)

Combined Fist and Anal Show

From $950 (30 minutes)

Performed by Jet.

Front door Fist and Back door Anal. Vibrators included. Please call the office to find out which Performers are available to perform this double action show. Single girl performance only.


Lesbian Duo Partners

Please contact the office for our Duo team list.

Lesbian Duo

From $700 Real Lesbian Duo (30 mins)

Two girls perform exactly how you would expect lesbians to act! Vibrators are definitely part of this show and sometimes strap ons and double enders are also used.

From $800 Real Lesbian Duo (45 mins)

This is the longer version of the Real Lesbian duo. See the girls perform a full 45 minutes!

The Dominatrix Duo

From $750 (30 minutes)

From $850 (45 minutes)

Double the pain, double the fun! If you really want to get the buck, why not get a Duo to team up and punish the Buck for a 45 Min Show full of fun and laughs for all to see. Watch these two come out and command the attention of the Buck. He will submiss to everyone of their commands. This show includes Whips, Paddles, Gimp Mask, strap on, nipple clamps, gag ball and much more! To finish off this fun show, Jet and Crissy will do a Deluxe Real Lesbian Duo act with lots of surprises in stall!

The Dirty Double Show

From $980 (45 minutes)

Please contact the office to find out who performs this show.

Extreme muscle control, Toys, Veg and Props Galore! Real lesbian action along with Dirty Double Anal Action. Extreme XXX Show for the boys who won't let their buck settle for anything less than the naughtiest show available ANYWHERE! Although we will try to send you your preferred team we must inform you that you may receive either one of these two duo teams on the night.

Tag Team Duo

From $1200 (1 hour)

The only one hour entertainment package available anywhere. Each girl will perform her own individual X Rated Show. Followed immediately by both girls performing together in Hot Lesbian Action. Includes all the toys, veg, pearls, lolly pops, strap ons and of course the extra unique props and tricks of individual performers coming together in a 1 hour action packed tag Team Duo!

The Ultimate Workshop Duo

From $1400 (45min – 1 hour)

Performed by Jet and Crissy or Jet and Nadia

STOP!! WARNING!! You thought you had seen everything.... Until NOW!

This is the show of ALL SHOWS, the only one of its kind!! This 60 minute real lesbian duo show is by no means standard, these girls have taken it to the next level of erotic entertainment. You will be shocked, amazed, surprised, excited all at the same time, you will definitely be left with your jaw on the ground. This show entails the use of creams, oils, pearls, vibrators, lollipops, extreme muscle control, double enders, strap ons and the best part of all REAL LESBIAN ACTION!

These girls will amaze you at every turn. Watch them fist each other while in sync doing greek action. Then for the finale of all finales. Watch in disbelief while they power up the jack hammer dildo. Which girl will it be used on? This will get anyone’s motor running! Then from pure extreme muscle control, watch one of the girls drink a Corona from a place you would last expect her to drink. See this girl walk around the room with the liquid inside and then spray it on the guy that all of you have chosen and then put your rain coats on as Crissy will explode with her natural talent squirting .  You will be in awe of these ladies with every  trick leaving you gob smacked . These two ladies are the real deal .


Jet & Crissy's Wet Dream Team Experience

From $1100 for 30 mins - From $1300 for 45 Mins

With their glamour-model looks, mind-blowing skills and erotic sensuality, Jet and Crissy's specialty "Wet Dream Show" duo is the once-in-a-lifetime kind of show not to be missed!

It consists of passionate real lesbian action, lollipops, 10 m of pearls, creams/oils, double deep throat skills, vibe shooting, extreme muscle manipulation, light up vibes, fisting, anal & butt plugs, 6-7 different double ender techniques, strap-on, muscle control and much more including the highly anticipated awe-inspiring NATURAL SQUIRTING from Crissy and lots of buck participation, (and Best Man too!) with guaranteed disciplinary action, and even a complimentary strawberry milkshake surprise for the Buck!

Why not treat the Buck on his night of nights to the absolute Wet Dream experience - show that is receiving constant rave reviews 


Jet & Crissy's Hurt 'n' Squirt Show

From $1400 for 45 Mins

With their glamour-model looks, mind-blowing skills and dominatrix allure, Jet and Crissy's specialty "Hurt 'n' Squirt" duo is the once-in-a-lifetime kind of show not to be missed!

They will take a slave and a gimp to experience the fine line between pleasure and pain, and won't take no for an answer!

It consists of passionate real lesbian action, lollipops, 10 m of pearls, creams/oils, double deep throat skills, vibe shooting, extreme muscle manipulation, light up vibes, fisting, anal & butt plugs, 6-7 different double ender techniques, strap-on, muscle control For a grand finale like none that has been seen before, the girls will take to each other modified PowerTool fuck machine and rattle each other to the bone with Crissy giving the ultimate wet explosion! Seriously, wear your raincoats guys! We've got a Squirter here!!

Guaranteed disciplinary action, and even a complimentary 'warm beer' surprise for the Buck!

Why not treat the Buck on his night of nights to the absolute Bondage experience- Hurt 'n' Squirt - the show that is receiving constant rave reviews