Admittedly we charge a little more for our male strippers (approx $20 to $30 more then our competitors). But we provide Mr Nude Australia Title Holders, Current Manpower and Current Aussie Storm Stripsearch Winners and we only use the best of Former Manpower. We definitely do not use all of Former Manpower as some are still stripping into their 40's with other agents and therefore they are cheaper. Our photos are updated yearly.

* 100 dollar travel charge for the Sunshine Coast.


$85 Long Black Pants. $95 Boxer Briefs. $105 G-String. All Pricing Per Hour.
2 hour minimum Male G'string waiter's will serve your drinks, mix your cocktails and socialise with your party guests. The waiters' will also be more than happy to join in party games! Have a perve and be served at the same time!

G-String Show

$220 (15 minute show)
A 15 minute show where the performer strips down to a G'string. Personal attention to the special Lady and also a choreographed routine for the pleasure of the crowd.

Raunchy Male G-String Show

$230 (15 minute show)
This is a hands on show. It is not for the faint hearted. If you like a little touch and feel and gentle caresses from our male entertainer and you like to participate along with the performer than this show is for you. Raunchy Show is hands on so please inform your hen or birthday girl when booking. Male strips down to a G'string.

Full Monty

$250 (15 minute show)
Personal attention to the special nominated lady and also a choreographed routine for the pleasure of the crowd. G'string comes completely off at the end and the special lady gets a peek at the package behind the towel.

Raunchy Full Monty

$280 (15 minute show)
This show is performed in the exact same manner as the Raunchy G'string show with the added bonus where the stripper removes his G'string toward the end of the show and your hen or birthday girl will get the full bird's eye view! Once again a hands on show.

The Only 25 Minute Show in Town

$330 (25 mins)
There are only two performers who perform 25 minute shows. Peter is the original and he performs as a Fireman. His entry into a room is demanding of attention. He looks like the real deal with the body to match that of any Fireman! There is a full routine, personal attention to the special girl and even a little attention for some lucky guests. Oils and Creams are used .Having witnessed this show, I wonder if he is trying to set you on fire rather than put out the fire! Your choice of G'string or Full Monty!

Girls Learn to lapdance!!!!!

$300 (1 and half hours)
Hens night? Want to spice things up? Why not have Lena come out with her bag of costumes and teach you ladies how to perform your own special Lap Dance for your Loved one? Imagine arriving home from your Hen's Night and performing an impromptu Lapdance for your Man? He'll be happy to let you enjoy wild girls nights out more often ESPECIALLY if you come home with new bedroom tricks!!! Plus it's a whole lot of FUN. Your teacher 'Lena' is very experienced and down to earth . You'll love her!